Dixie Direct, Idaho Direct, and Cache Valley!

Direct Card Sisters

Dixie Direct, Idaho Direct, and Cache Valley!

Approximate Date: September, 2017

One of my more recent projects, this was a task I looked forward to for a very long time. I managed their previous website, which had become outdated in functionality and design. It was long overdue for a refresh!

Dixie Direct and its sister companies had a few specific needs:

  • They change their colors every year, and needed the colors throughout their website to do the same. This was a bit of a hassle for the programmers every year to update (on the old website). Now there are 2 custom color pickers in the Admin that changes all colors for them throughout the whole site.
  • They have businesses that sign up and provide discounts/offers for Direct Card buyers. They need to be displayed on the website in a clean manner. Previously, if a business had multiple locations, it would have to be entered in individually, creating duplicate entries with the same offers. Now there is a single business with its offers, but multiple locations where the offers are valid can be listed on the same page.
  • The new offers are only displayed when the new book launches (every fall). Direct Card sisters still needed to be able to load all the upcoming offers before the switch over to the new year occurred. New offers, but still the same businesses.

Dixie Direct, Idaho Direct, and Cache Valley Direct Card!