A Disorganized Brand

The All Strings Attached community orchestra group was one of the most memorable parts of my musical career in high school and college. This non-profit group was completely volunteer and ran by an amazing director. But there’s always one thing that nonprofits typically struggle with: their brand. Understandably, they put every penny they can back into the community and a good brand identity doesn’t come cheap. I saw the need for uniformity and eagerly wanted to give back to this wonderful group.


At first, there were some hurdles. Communication wasn’t easy, being 1300 miles apart, and trying to work with several people who all had a part in the current set up (between who owned the domain, website, any logo or graphics created). Other negative experiences with old website or domain owners as well as some ecommerce fraud caused some apprehension. Over time, I was able to calm nerves and help build trust by assuring them that this was THEIR orchestra, THEIR brand, THEIR identity, and THEIR assets to control. I was not there to take control or cause other headaches but to give them a “Carnegie Hall” experience

Work Began

At first, there was no official logo. I referred back to an old graphic that was on their website from almost 10 years prior: which used a clean font and a simple treble clef shape. I fine-tuned that graphic and finalized to be the official logo. Next I created a brand style guide. This guide laid out the official orchestra name, all proper uses of the logo, fonts, the sizing for print and web, colors, photography standards, and put together the key points of what the organization stood for (which the director created herself).

The Website

10 years prior, the organization had a really nice website. However, somehow this old domain was held on to by an individual of the group, and the organization switched to another domain with a different ending. The switch caused confusion with the community, the website was put together quickly and then consequently not kept up to date. I completely redesigned and programmed the site to clearly show the critical information: upcoming concerts, ways to participate, and contact information. The website is ready for ecommerce and ticket sales, although it is not implemented as of this writing.


All Strings Attached has seen an increase in the use of their website. The social media interaction has greatly improved from the dedicated work of an orchestra member following a consistent brand style.

Southern Utah Home Builders Association needed to migrate from their existing platform, which was unreliable and outdated. Slightly improving the design, I reprogrammed the site to allow for easier maintenance and updates.

Saint George Cookies got a wonderful new design that matches her wonderful cookie creations. Check it out!

A slight name change and a new website, StarMed was ready to roll out great insurance coverage to business and self-employed individuals.

This non-profit organization rebranded, with an entirely new name, and I gladly took the programming challenge. This was a long time client that I was excited to give a new website to, and to help transition away from the existing and unfriendly CMS they had to a user-friendly WordPress experience.

The Kayenta Arts Foundation needed a new website to match the incredible art and experience they provided. Showing the upcoming events in an easy to interpret format was the highest priority coupled with the ability to purchase seats, with their seating chart platform of choice.

A new and improved design, as well as a Find Your Tire feature greatly improved Eagle Tire’s website utilization. The API necessary to use is a much older XML SOAP client, but we were able to meet his needs for a website that fulfills the majority of standard tire shoppers.

This project had many challenges:

  • There were 4500+ articles to migrate
  • There was over 100GB of images and video necessary to migrate
  • File structure, database structure, CMS, everything was custom already
  • Duplicates were everywhere
  • The migration and launch had to occur between school semesters

And many others. After a lot of hard work, I was able to migrate to WordPress for improved writer and publisher experience as well as for future proofing by using the WordPress platform.

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