This project is a work in progress. The front end is React/Next.js with MaterialUI sitting in front of a Shopify API back end for eCommerce.

Since it is unfinished, the current site is mostly a landing page for “coming soon” but also to collect information for people who are interested in contacting a sister company, Zion Concrete.

Here is a link to visit the site.

A preview into the staging branch can be shown by request.

This application was built using React that combined Google Maps, a WordPress API backend, and long/lat/elevation data from ARCGIS to create a place for people who are looking for recreational opportunities and trails in the Washington County of Utah. You can filter by trail type (hiking, mountain biking, ATV, or horseback), trail length, region, difficulty and more.

Not only did I take part in the programming of the WordPress API and React components, but I also went out on the trails with coworkers to film and take photos of the trails to give users a small glimpse into what they will experience before they go too!

You can view the site by going here.