Western Woods Inc


Western Woods Inc

Approximate Date: August, 2017

Western Woods was a business my grandfather started in the 1980’s. They sell semiprecious stone and gift store merchandise. I worked here on and off throughout my early college years, thanks to the flexibility of the type of work. I started my job at Flitch Creative full time and left Western Woods. Flitch Creative actually managed their website that they had recently gotten through another company. The site just wasn’t quite doing what they needed it to however, and Western Woods finally decided to get an upgrade.

Originally, it was planned to let another programmer do the work so that I could not be associated with the project (since it was a family business) but it ended up with me anyways as other projects had to stick with other developers. That’s okay with me!

There was also a legal battle that involved a competitor who had been squatting on the .com version of the company name URL. They won the battle and after almost 10 years, could use the .com version and owned it outright.

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